Many companies face complex, ongoing risks or special projects—such as reviewing program coverage and cost—yet lack the resources for a full-time risk management staff. In these cases, hiring a fee-based consultant can be a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure that you make the best decisions for your business.

Work With The Best
Together, James R. Dunathan and his brother Robert A. Dunathan have almost seventy years of collective experience in the insurance industry, with expertise in many important areas, including insurance brokerage, claims administration, risk management, loss control, and cost studies. They also own Tribal Consulting Solutions (TCS), a California-based consulting firm that helps tribal enterprises design and implement fully customized risk management and insurance solutions. Since founding TCS in 2001, they have already helped their clients—including luxury hotels, casinos, and ski resorts—collectively save more than $10 million.

Get Results
As consultants, their only job is to help you ensure the long-term protection of your personal and company assets—not to sell you an insurance policy. Sometimes, the results are immediate. Sometimes, you may only realize them years later after you avoid a significant loss. Either way, you can trust them to find the combination of policies, practices, and financially sound carriers that best fits your company and its specific needs. Put their expertise to work for your company. Contact them today.

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