What to Expect

No matter which service or combination of services you choose, you can count on three things:

No Secrets
We begin every client relationship with full disclosure about how we work and what we charge for our services. Because we are fee-based—just like your tax preparer or attorney—you know exactly what our services will cost and can easily perform your own cost/benefit analysis. There are no hidden fees or commissions. Ever.

Alternatives That Make Sense
Plus, all of our solutions are fully customized. When writing a new policy, most brokers simply review your existing policy and write a new one with identical coverage. This approach can work if your existing policy provides adequate coverage and is cost-effective. But, it makes no sense at all if the policy is poorly written or has holes in it. Then all you’ve done is duplicate someone else’s errors and oversights. At Shelby, we help you carefully analyze your existing programs and design a comprehensive and fully customized program that meets your actual needs and tolerance for risk.

Solutions That Reduce Costs
For example, one of our recent clients was a small California firm that designs and builds closet storage systems. With more than $1 million in gross revenues, the firm was successful and growing. Yet, the owners were concerned about possible gaps in their insurance coverage and worried that their annual premium was too high. After performing a thorough risk analysis, we were able to reduce their premium by 30%, while increasing their limits, providing broader coverage, and improving overall protection of their corporate and personal assets.

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